Consumer Helpline Film Grahakpal (English)
Consumer Helpline Film Grahakpal (Hindi)
Consumer Helpline Film Grahakpal (Marathi)
CGSI’s Film Promoting Use of Solar Energy (English)
CGSI’s Film Promoting Use of Solar Energy (Hindi)

CGSI (1966-2017) : 51 years in the service of consumers

The Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) is the first and foremost consumer body of the country. CGSI, which was founded in 1966.

The Maharashtra State Government has entrusted CGSI to establish and manage the Maharashtra State Consumer Helpline.

You can reach out to the CGSI – Maharashtra State Consumer Helpline by calling the Toll-free Number : 1800 22 22 62 or by e-mail: mah.helpline@gmail.com. Register your complaint

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Well, are you holding me completely for a fool? Of course, before taking these pills, I stuffed the food into myself. And omelet and breast boiled and yogurt and fruit. But literally the next day I vomited before taking azithromycin 250mg. Previous use 9 months ago, too, was with such side effects.

CGSI has reached out to lakhs of consumers and conducted workshops and seminars on consumer awareness topics like food adulteration, becoming a smart investor and consumer protection.

Founded in 1966

CGSI founded 50 years ago by women activists in 1966 actively champions for the rights of consumers. It aims to protect the rights of consumers, who find themselves helpless whenever they were supplied with defective goods or services.

The efforts of CGSI and other Consumer Organizations in India bore fruit when the Consumer Protection Act was enacted in the year 1986 and the Consumer Courts were set up thereafter.


After a stretched knee, I was assigned Voltaren and Miorel. Took the medicines for five days. The pain was gone completely, but there was diarrhea. The doctor said that it would be temporarily and quickly pass after the end of treatment.

Maharashtra consumers can call the Toll-free number 1800-22-22-62 or send e-mail to mah.helpline@gmail.com to seek information, advice or guidance for their day to day consumer problems.

We believe in the consumer cause which includes “Value for Price, Value for People and Value for Environment”.

CGSI Mediation & Conciliation Clinic –  Details – Forms – Terms & Conditions

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