Honorary Volunteers NGO

Post CGSI formation, several public minded citizens and illustrious persons have joined their cause down the years. CGSI carries out its administration strictly as per its constitution. On date CGSI has about 3000 lifetime members spread all over India with all Managing Committee Members and office bearers at the helm being unpaid honorary volunteers.

The purpose of CGSI is to protect and promote the rights and interests of consumers, provide them with information and counsel, take up their complaints with the offending party and/or the authorities and help them select goods and services which are a fair return for the money they spent.

Consumer Guidance Society of India

Toll Free Helpline: 1800 2222 62 Email: mah.helpline@gmail.com

Block J, Azad Maidan, Mahapalika Marg, Mumbai 400001.
+91-22-22621612 / 2265971, 8356946121, 7977120091, 7977120059