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Become a member of CGSI

serviceThe Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) is the first Consumer Organisation to be set up in India. It is a non-profit making, non-political voluntary body. It depends on you, the consumer, to keep it going. It is supported solely by membership subscriptions and grants from public interest groups or charitable trusts.

By becoming a member of CGSI, you are entitled to :-

i) Receive a free copy of our magazine “Keemat.”

ii) Purchase at cost price our publications, ‘Buying Guides.’

iii) Handling of your complaints at concessional charges (50% discount)

iv) An Identity Card for Life Members on production of stamp size photo.

v) Free access to CGSI Library reference books / news letters from all over the world.

vi) Free Guidance and advice.

Download the membershipform

The CGSI aims at making consumers conscious of their rights and responsibilities and strives to ensure :-

  • That the consumer gets his/her money’s worth.
  • That the goods sold are upto the national and recognised standards
  • That producers and manufactures abide by such standards as are necessary for the health and safety of the users.


  • CGSI received the ‘NATIONAL AWARD’ in its Silver Jubilee Year in 1991 for service to consumers.
  • CGSI is a ‘FULL’ Member of the International Organisation, Consumers International, London. (Formerly known as the international Organisation of Consumers Unions – IOCU)
  • CGSI has been appointed member of both State and Central Consumer Protection Councils set up under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
  • CGSI is a member the Apex Coalition Body, Consumer Coordination Council, New Delhi.
  • CGSl’s technical expert members have been nominated as members of several sectional committees of the Bureau of Indian Standards.
  • In January 2008, CGSI received the prestigious ‘Salam Mumbai’ Award as the best NGO in the field of consumer activities.

As an aware consumer and responsible citizen, you should know and assert your Rights.

1) The Right to the Satisfaction of Basic Needs

2) The Right to Safety.

3) The Right to be informed.

4) The Right to be Heard.

5) The Right to Choose.

6) The Right to Redress.

7) The Right to Consumer Education.

8) The Right to a Healthy and Sustainable Environment.